A hot spot for European surfers for years, surfing in Morocco has finally been discovered by the rest of the world. Book a surf camp Morocco vacation and see what you are missing out on!

This year Conde Nast Traveler actually labeled Africa as “Surfing’s Next Frontier” with Morocco as one of the top destinations.

With great weather and access to North Atlantic swells, surfing in Morocco has a lot to offer. This is the place to go for right-hand points and powerful wedges. As a bonus, the country is also very affordable.

Before you grab your board and book a flight though, let’s talk about where and when to go.

When to Visit for the Best Surfing in Morocco

Morocco has great surf year-round thanks to a coastline that faces both Northwest and Southwest. Open to the North Atlantic, look forward to nice swells no matter when you go.

For the absolute best surfing in Morocco though, head down in winter. From October through March or April the Atlantic pounds the coast. You’ll get powerful swells and the best right-handers.

Peak months are December, January, and February. You’ll see plenty of waves and swells up to 5 meters. The best surfing at this time will be on any coastline facing Northwest like the beaches around Casablanca and Rabat.

Best Beaches for Surfing in Morocco

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the beaches in Morocco offer great surfing for everyone. There are plenty of hidden gems but also some great, well-known surfer towns all along the coast. Below we have hit a few of the best beaches to check out but don’t be afraid to explore.


One of the original Morocco surfing hotspots, Taghazout was “discovered” by foreign surfers in the 1970s. Since then there has been an almost constant influx of surfers looking to enjoy both the beach town and waves.

The surfing here is good for beginners and you will find plenty of surf schools and camps. It is also rarely busy even with the popularity. The best beaches in town for all surfing levels are La Source and Panoramas.

Sidi Ifni

For a more laid-back vibe, head further south to Sidi Ifni. This old Spanish port city is a popular destination for local Moroccans. There isn’t as much going on, but the vibe is chill and relaxed.

The surfing in this part of Morocco is a good option with plenty of right-hand points. The surfers here are also a bit more experienced and there are rarely any crowds out on the water.


Essaouira is probably one of the best surf spots in Morocco for beginners. This is thanks to the nice, sandy bottom at the main beach.

The best waves are in the mornings, with mostly right-hand break walls. The afternoons have stronger winds which bring out the kite and windsurfers.

Besides the ocean, Essaouira is really nice back on land too. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an authentic Medina, harbor, and 18th century fort.