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Hi, I’m Jenny.

To travel is to live

Hi, I’m Jenny, a regular girl from Australia who can’t get enough of everything the world has to offer. This travel blog is meant to serve as a traveler’s diary where I’ll share everything about my travels and help to inspire you to begin your own extraordinary journey around the world.

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my top 4 travel destinations


… Thousands of islands for thousands of trips

They say that you can visit Philippines hundred times and still have something new to see and experience. And that is true because this country is enormous and the diversity of the natural creations is tremendous. There are two ways to travel through this country, and I chose the classical approach which means that I went on to visit some better-known locations rather than taking a random route and visiting places that may or may not have something interesting. It’s more interesting to make a trip like that which I will sometimes do in the future. My first visit I went with the more traditional route when I visited this country for the first time. The trip started with the visit to the Boracay Beach and continued with a trip to Bohol. All of that was interesting, but it couldn’t compare with the last part of this journey which took me to the wild jungle. There are a lot of small restaurants on the edge of the forest where I found some tasty and local food that you won’t be able to find in the major cities where tourists reside. Do visit this country and experience the life as it should be experienced.


– A Temple country

Myanmar is a beautiful little country that has several tourist locations that attract a lot of people. I’m not a tourist, and thus I will tell you all you need to know to avoid being charged as one. You can use credit cards and dollars in Myanmar, but it’s smart to stock up on the Kyat, which is a local currency as you will go to places that don’t see any tourists. I avoided big hotels because they attract tourists and the price for spending the night in one of those are huge.
Shwedagon – A must see
Myanmar has a lot of temples that are worthy of your time, but none of them can match the Shwedagon. It isn’t a tourist hotspot for nothing like it as it contains many temples at one place. This place is huge, and it’s considered as one of the oldest and the holiest sites in Myanmar.
My experience of the visit isn’t easily told in words. The gold temples of Shwedagon are something that everyone should see at one point in their lives. The experience is incredible as the size of the compound and all the gold and statues in it change the way a person thinks.


– Beauty of the East

Everyone talks about nightlife in Thailand, especially in the capital city of Bangkok. But the city and its wonders are for tourists that have too much money and no adventurous spirit. I am not one of those people, and I decided to avoid the capital on my journey. This country is also known for its beaches and islands, and they were my ultimate goal. The city itself has its charm, but it’s not comparable with the beauty of the nature that you will experience. My trip to Thailand I started the trip in Bangkok because I came to the country with the airplane. I didn’t stay too long in the city, but the time I had was spent on sightseeing. I immediately visited seven-layer waterfall called Erawan. It’s a captivating creation of the nature that is only an hour or so away from the city. The whole park is beautiful, and I lost a big part of the day in walking around. I avoided elephant tours because I knew how cruel the handlers are to the animals. I went on to visit several beaches after that, and the highlight of the trip was the Railay beach. It’s one of the better-known locations and a bunch of activities wait for anyone with an adventurous spirit.


let me count the reasons…

It can give them a new insight for the world, which will never be the same for those who travel. It can open people’s eyes to see things from another angle.

It breaks prejudices and helps us understand different cultures, which helps us understand ourselves even more.

Benjamin Scott

Traveling gives people the opportunity to learn and experience things which they never could in school or from books, like languages, cuisines and customs.

Pack your bags now and explore the world, feed your soul, as the saying goes, “it’s about the journey, not destination”.

Kelly Foster