Ibiza is world famous for its parties, electronic music, and nightlife. This little Spanish island has made a name for itself by keeping the clubs open late and the beats pumping. Not exactly what you might think of when peacefully sailing the Spanish coast.

The island offers amazing sites that can be seen only from the water, so if you are looking to get a completely different perspective of this famous island, don’t hesitate to consider boat rental in Ibiza.

Ibiza was well known to sailors before it was famous amongst party people and celebrities. In fact, Phoenicians founded a port here as early as 654 BC. Ibiza is actually a UNESCO site and offers a lot more than its reputation suggests. Here are a few sites to see on a day trip around the island:

1. Torre de Portinatx and Torre des Molar

When sailing along the coast of Ibiza, you might see what looks like otherworldly ancient ruins peeking through the dense foliage on shore. The solid round towers are made of stone and look like they’ve been there for thousands of years.

The rocky shore of the island is dotted with what’s left of these impressive towers. They were built in the 1500s in order to protect the local population from pirate raids. They served as watchtowers and could shelter as many as 200 people in case of invasion.

They still sit close to strategic port entrances and are a reminder of more dangerous times. You can admire them from the water, or take a short hike to admire the view from the battlements and imagine how it felt like to see pirate sails approaching.

2. Chiringuito Cala Xuclar

If you’re feeling peckish and wish there were somewhere you could stop for a quick bite even though you happen to be sailing past the uninhabited shore of Ibiza, welcome to Chiringuito Cala Xuclar. It’s the perfect “drive-through” for sailors who want to be catered to and not spend their vacation time trying to cook something in a cramped galley.

This tiny, hidden beach restaurant is the only thing in the vicinity. It’s hidden in a tiny cove that’s also the perfect spot for some after lunch snorkeling and stand-up paddleboarding.

You’ll be pleased to find fresh avocado, amazing salads, steak, and the freshest seafood. Not to mention the cozy atmosphere underneath canvas awnings and strings of lights at dusk. Make sure to check the opening times, as they are usually closed on Sundays and Mondays.

3. Cliff Diving Calla Xarraca

Calla Xarraca is a beautiful little beach that should be on your list if you go beach hopping on a rented boat in Ibiza. It’s the perfect spot for snorkeling, and there are some basic amenities like toilets.

This beach is protected by short little cliffs that are very popular with those who like to dive, and there are even ropes tied onto the protruding rock walls so you can climb back faster and jump again.

4. Calla es Canaret

Remote beach with some fishing huts. It’s private property but you may stop here and snorkel, just don’t bother the landlord. The snorkeling here is amazing.

There are no landmarks around, so here are some directions good enough for any sailor – 39°06’09.5″N 1°29’06.1″E.

Remember to respect other people’s privacy and keep to yourself when visiting this beautiful little beach.

5. La Cueva de la Luz

If you are an amateur photographer, you will go crazy for La Cueva de la Luz. It’s a great break from seeing Ibiza by boat and stepping ashore for a bit. Located on the side of Cala d’Albarca, it’s a hidden cave at the top of the cliff.

A little climb is well worth the view inside. Rock formations look almost foreboding – and swimming inside the dark blue waters of this cave can be a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. You have two options of getting out of the cave – you can actually take a deep breath and dive into the open sea, or back up the rocks using one of the ropes that others have left behind.

Being able to see Ibiza by boat gives you a unique insight into the island’s peaceful side which not many people get to experience. If you’re exploring the coast of Spain, Ibiza is definitely worth a special look, even if you only care to go on shore leave for a few hours and continue on your way.

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