About The Greatest Girl in the World

Hi, I’m Jenny and traveling is very important part of my life, so that is why I devoted my life to going around the world. I want to help you choose top destinations where you’ll create your best memories. I have seen many parts of the world myself and I want to share my experiences with other people who love to travel. It is my passion for traveling that has made me quit my boring corporate job. Welcome to my blog where you will relive the experience of traveling through the South-East Asia with me. This part of the world is a hidden jewel, and many international travelers tend to oversee it. I am from Australia, and this part of the Asia was my first choice for traveling because I knew that it could give a lot to a traveler.

In my travel blog, you will find recommendations for best party travels, spring breaks, and top destinations. Furthermore, I will provide you with tips on how to get around, and also with instructions from my verified tourist guides and other travel experts on different types of tourism, all for the purpose of getting the best traveling experience for you.

So, join me and experience everything I do in countries from this part of the world and you might just visit them thanks to this. I will travel through most of the countries, including Philippines, Myanmar, and Thailand and I will keep you updated on this I go through.

I know that time is money, and I can’t deny it is one of the main things that affect our rhythm of living. Today’s world is materialistic enough anyway – use your money and time to create memories and experience different cultures that will enrich your soul. Remember, you only live once.

All my travels are based on low budget and I will try to give you suggestions and advice on how to save money on your journey. You can take from my experience and improve your future journeys and create a memory you will always remember.