The town of Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most famous east coast beach towns. By all accounts it’s one of the most unique and memorable locations in the country, a destination that’s popularity continues to grow.

There are plenty of things to do and see in this coastal town of Australia. Everything from beachside festivals to casual exploration is available here. Byron is known for its relaxed hippie vibe and is a suitable travel destination for families, friends and couples.

Not only is Byron a suitable location for all, but it’s also accessible from wherever you’re travelling from. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Byron Bay, why not try Elements of Byron Resort & Spa. Visiting this lovely town should be a no-brainer, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Its Ambience is Spectacular

Byron Bay’s entire scenery is unforgettable. The town has its own peculiar charm, which is evident in all of its streets. The gorgeous sunsets, the colourful coffee shops and the constant live music create an unparalleled ambience. There’s a regular feeling of an alternative lifestyle in Byron Bay, and the entire town feels quite soothing.

2. Perfect Surfing

The waters around Byron Bay are definitely perfect – not only for swimming or relaxation, but also for surfing. The waves crashing on the beaches of Byron Bay can be an excellent starting point for people that have never surfed in their life.

Not only that, but they’re perfectly safe for children too, so surfing can be a family-friendly activity. However, experienced surfers will also feel at home here, because there are several spots around town that offer an interesting challenge.

3. Excellent Wildlife Spotting

If you’re interested in spotting unique wildlife, especially marine life, then the waters around Byron Bay are ideal for that. The biggest attractions for about half a year is the whale migration season. It lasts from May to November each year, and during this time there’s a great chance that you’ll spot Byron Bay’s graceful giants of the sea.

However, if you happen to miss the season, or just didn’t spot them during, there are still plenty of species that constantly appear. Bottlenose dolphins and ancient turtles are a regular sight around the cape. Echidnas, Brush turkeys, Wallabies, and plenty of types of seabirds can be found here all the time.

4. Heaven for Yoga

There’s a special soothing and spiritual feeling about Byron Bay. It feels like the whole town and the area around it were created especially for yoga. Byron Bay has been a special destination for those seeking spiritual enlightenment for quite some time now.

Practicing yoga while the sun sets over the beautiful horizon is a favourite of many visitors to the town. On top of that, there is a dedicated yoga center, called Byron Bay Yoga Retreat Centre. Those include yoga classes, retreats, meditation workshops, and even organic food. The hippie culture in Byron Bay owes a lot to the perfect spiritual ambience found here.

5. Freshest Organic Produce at the Markets

One of the things that Byron Bay is most famous for is its markets. Those are events that have a weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule, and are known far and wide. The soil and climate around Byron Bay are pretty much perfect, and because of that there’s always an excellent selection of the finest organic produce you could need from fresh fruit and veg, organic meats, coffee and spices.

The Byron Bay Markets are not only for organic produce. Here you’ll find plenty of handmade crafts and trinkets, as well as clothing of all kinds. On top of that, the growers and vendors are very friendly and chatty. They’re always open about how and what they do, so make sure to stop by for a little chat.

6. The Lighthouse and Its Location



Byron Bay and Cape Byron are the easternmost locations in all of Australia. That is the biggest reason why there is a lighthouse on the cape. The lighthouse itself is over a century old, and it’s still functioning to this very day.

It’s open for the entire year, and it’s one of the best spots around Byron Bay for sweeping views of the region. Due to its easternmost location, it’s considered the absolute best spot in the area to see the sunrise. Technically speaking, it also has the earliest sunrise, although it’s only by milliseconds.

Its interior is also open to the public, and there are even tours that show and explain what it is to be a lighthouse keeper. This is one of Byron Bay’s most iconic landmarks.

7. Unforgettable Nightlife

Byron Bay is absolutely a top relaxation destination, but only if you choose it to be. For those seeking more thrill and excitement there’s plenty of different venues that offer unforgettable partying. It’s a very lively town, and there is live music to be discovered at all times.

You can find bars and clubs open until the wee hours of the night, or you can search for the world-renowned festivals. Those often take place on the beaches and parklands, and there is often a hint of extra excitement in the air.

Some festivals have been banned in the past, and when the morning comes they often don’t even leave any trace at all. They’re an unforgettable experience and a blast to be part of.

8. Hiking Through Rainforests



Thanks to Byron Bay’s stunning and diverse landscapes, you can trek through gorgeous scenery. One of the most popular ones is called The Loop, and it’s actually a part of a larger conservation area.

The lighthouse is part of that area, which is why it’s regularly included in the hike. The trail itself is just under 4 kilometers long, and it loops through cliff sides, beaches, rainforest, and grasslands. It takes two or three hours to complete, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll want to do it again. It’s one of Byron Bay’s most notable highlights.


Byron Bay is a special town. It’s a destination with a lot of heart, and its charm is undeniable. It’s a town that everybody should aim to visit at least once. What is your favourite reason for booking a holiday to Byron Bay?