If you are traveling in Southeast Asia or India and want some fun things to do, make sure to keep reading this list. Then pick one or all and set out on a one of a kind trip that will introduce you to the best of everything that Southeast Asia has to offer.

Rajasthan India

Rajasthan is the most northern state in India, bordering Pakistan. It is the biggest state in India, allowing it to have a large number of special events and attractions. From the old ruins that can be found throughout the state to the amazing 18th century palaces and even older royal buildings, Rajasthan has plenty to offer. It is also the top ranking state for economics, education, and a number of other important sectors as well.

One of the most interesting experiences along the way is a stop into Bikaner, an area within the state where the Silk Road still lives on and merchants have found untold wealth for hundreds of centuries. An interesting form of architecture still mimics the princely roots of the region, while prayer flags fly in the streets. The style produced homes known as “Havelis,” or townhouses. Today, around 400 of these homes are still visible, allowing visitors to step back in time an wander the streets.

Dehli India

Dehli is a capital territory, basically a large city and the area surrounding it. Today, it is the official capital of India, and contains areas such as Old Dehli, Mughal era ruins, and some of the largest mosques in India. It is well known for having a large number of different architectural styles. Showcasing many of the important dynastic and empire changes that happened within India. It is also known for the shopping Bazaars that line many of the streets.

One of the added benefits that comes from being an old area of the country is that there are a number of traditional experiences that have been able to survive over the years and evolve as well. The most interesting is the food culture which manages to bled recipes that are 1000 years old, with modern flair.

Walking through the streets is nearly impossible to miss out the various street vendors, restaurants, and markets with mouthwatering offerings. Eating food in Dehli is a must have experience for anyone who wants to experience real Indian food for themselves.

El Nido Philippines

El Nido is the northernmost part of the island of Palawan, one of the most popular islands in the Philippines. Known for amazing beaches, lagoons that are almost clear, unique diving, and even an underwater cavern that you can explore. This area is well loved among seasoned travelers. Like most of the Philippines, the area is rather cheap, but does offer a number of luxury experiences. As well as those that cater to families and backpackers.

On our list, this is the area that is most likely to cater to families with small children, with easy transit, walk ability, and a number of activities that are suitable for the whole family. This isn’t a destination where you will leave your kids behind, but one where you can enjoy activities that truly appeal to everyone on the trip.

Traveling to the local islands, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming in protected lagoons are all activities that families can do together. Fun boat trips, rental equipment, and quick bites to eat are available at all of the popular sites as well. Everywhere you look in El Nido Philippines there is something to do, great weather to enjoy, and memories to make. Check out this post for a helpful Palawan and Coron travel itinerary 🙂

West Sumatra Indonesia

The island of Sumatra is known around the world for coffee beans and a number of other crops. West Sumatra is one of the most appealing destinations for thrill seekers and those who enjoy natural beauty. This region also still preserves a large amount of the traditional architecture, culture, and ways of life. Giving visitors a chance to learn more about the country as it was while still enjoying modern amenities.

As far as the best activities in West Sumatra Indonesia go, learning about traditional skills, traveling through nature, and exploring traditional architecture are some of the popular offerings. Others include horseback riding, extreme sports, water based activities, visiting volcanoes, and even visiting their own great wall.Visitors will be happy to know that public transit and taxi hire are common, making it easy to get around.

This regions are just a few that offer a peek into the Southeast Asian and Indian corner of the world. Anyone interested in exploring areas outside of their comfort zone will enjoy the suggestions on the list.