Everyone loves traveling – who wouldn’t love a luxury vacation somewhere exotic? But, I’m pretty sure nobody loves the stress that can come with it. We spend months planning and getting excited so it can be devastating when you inevitably encounter a hiccup or two on the big day. You know what I’m talking about – traffic on the roads; delayed flights; missing documents. They are every traveler’s worst nightmare.

So, with an eye to helping you make your travel as streamline as possible, I’ve compiled a list of handy tips. Bear these in mind on your next journey and you might just make it onto the plane without any stress at all.


Make a Checklist

Not just in your head, actually write it out. There is nothing better like a visual aid to help you prepare for your travels. Write out everything you need to pack in your suitcase and your carry on. Include things you need to do, documents you need to print and any last minute arrangements you need to make.

Not only will a checklist help you make sure everything is done, but there is something deeply satisfying about seeing all those little ticks!


Give Yourself Loads of Time

It’s not ideal getting to the airport super early and then having to bum around for ages waiting for your flight. However, this is far, far better than missing your flight because you got caught in traffic or left things too late. If you live an hour from the airport, give yourself two hours. The extra time will make everything easier and infinitely reduce your stress-level.


Sort Your Luggage Out Beforehand

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realise your bag isn’t on the conveyor belt. If you’ve never experienced this then you’re lucky; everyone else, you know the feeling. Luggage Free is a shipping service that sends your luggage directly to your destination. This means no waiting around after the flight and no anxiety about whether your bags have actually made it or not.


Organise Your Transfers

Work out how you are going to get to the airport and then how you are going to get from the destination airport to your hotel. The latter of these is more important. The last thing you want is to touch down after however many hours on a plane and then have the hassle of trying to find a taxi that won’t rip you off.


Compartmentalize Your Packing

This might sound a bit over the top, but it really does make a difference – particularly for your hand luggage. Put your passport and tickets in one section, money in another section, cosmetics in another, etc. If you don’t have different pockets in your carry on then use ziploc bags or plastic files.

Doing this makes it easier to find things at a moment’s notice and eliminates those embarrassing hold ups at security. Don’t be that person frantically rummaging through their bag while a queue of people tuts and rolls their eyes behind them.