Going on a motorcycle journey is one of the best road trips imaginable. It’s a free-spirited, adventurous and fun way to see awe-inspiring landscapes in a short space of time.

To make sure it’s the perfect trip, make sure you have the best budget motorcycle boots and get some Kawasaki accessories. Once you have your preparation done, you can start planning this trip of a lifetime.

Here are four inspiring tips to planning the perfect motorcycle journey!

1. Ride Through Bow Valley and Icefields Parkway, Canada

Known as one of the most scenic motorcycle journeys in the world, Alberta’s Bow Valley Parkway is a wonder of nature. This amazing route encompasses mind-blowing mountains, cascading waterfalls, varied wildlife and ancient glaciers.

The famous route also includes the Columbia Icefield, an Arctic wonder in the Canadian Rockies. Believe it or not, Canada has plenty of fun things to do in the winter! Bring suitable clothes and shoes so you can explore when you arrive.

To truly enjoy this 400km bike trip, pace yourself and go midweek to avoid the crowds.

2. Bike From Big Sur to Orange County in California

The home of dozens of beautiful beaches, exciting theme parks and some of the best roads in the U.S., California is an ideal location for motorcycle journey with friends.

Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and take in the beauty of Big Sur, with its towering forests and stunning strands for surfing. For a bit of Gatsby-esque decadence, stop off at Hearst Castle, a luxurious 1920s mansion that must be seen to be believed.

Continue as far down as Orange County, and end your motorcycle trip by relaxing by the sea or exploring everything that Los Angeles has to offer.

3. Go To Antrim For Ireland’s Best Motorcycle Journey

The Antrim Coast Road is a top pick for those planning a motorcycle journey – especially since it was picked as one of the key filming locations for Game Of Thrones.

This trail has been steeped in myth and legend since ancient times. The Giant’s Causeway is the result of incredible volcanic activity thousands of years ago. However, ancient storytellers claimed it was built by a giant named Finn McCool.

As the road twists and turns, appreciate tiny fishing villages and delicious yet unassuming restaurants. Stay a night and take a time to visit Bushmills, one of the best traditional whiskey distilleries on the island of Ireland. There are plenty more road trips around Ireland, and considering how beautiful it is, there isn’t a wrong choice.

4. Explore Australia’s Great Ocean Road

One of the greatest scenic drives in the world, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is another adventurous motorcycle journey option. There’s something for everyone in this exciting mix of rugged coastline, lush rainforest and mountains.

Head straight to the Bay of Islands for some enviable Instagram opportunities. Here, you’ll see amazing limestone formations and wonderful sunsets. For more surfing opportunities, go to Bells Beach.

Surfing fans should also visit the Australian National Surfing Museum. This beautifully designed space celebrating the history and culture of surfing in Victoria. Australia is a truly amazing place to hit the road and there’s many incredible road trip opportunities here – check out this post for an awesome East Coast road trip itinerary. 

Pro Tip For The Perfect Motorcycle Journey

Make sure you have your equipment and spare parts ready before you go. It’s also a good idea to brush up on traffic rules